The RIGHT WEB SITE can do wonders for your company's BOTTOM LINE !

It is there 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. It can point out

things about your company to your clients that

even your best sales reps have

forgotten to mention.

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Web Page Design


A good Web Page can express a great deal to your clients.

Here is what one of our clients has said about our work...

Dear Ed,

I want to compliment you on the superb job you have done in helping us design our company web-site.  We are getting compliments all the time.  The ease with which you have been able to communicate information and ideas back and forth to our people during the design process has been great.

Thank you -

Best Seats Available Management  

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Nova Development Art Explosion


CompuTrek Systems has been in business for over 19 years. We know what it takes to stay in business. Customer service is the foundation of our company. More importantly, we LISTEN to what YOU and YOUR COMPANY want to accomplish with your presence on the WEB.


You don't always need fancy graphics to make an impact, although sometimes we may recommend them.

Nova Development Art Explosion

Nova Development Art Explosion

We offer ON-SITE WEB DESIGN CONSULTING in the Chicago Area so that you and your people don't have to take time out of your day to leave your office & travel. We will stop by and show you sample "stock" graphics which we can use on your project to keep the cost low, and the turn-around time fast. CompuTrek Systems also uses state of the art digital cameras to enable you to show pictures of personnel or products quickly at your WEB SITE.

Our parent company, ABCDP Group, can also provide professional models for your product or location shoot, to enable us to give your site that "unique and special look"...




CompuTrek Systems has been in business since January of 1983. We also can teach you or one of your employees to update your own WEB SITE.  This keeps your WEB DESIGN costs low in the long run, and it enables you to do 99% of all updates in-house.  We helped LandCraft, a service company in Alsip, Illinois with on-site training as well as the initial design of their 1st Web Site...



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Nova Development Art Explosion

CompuTrek also did the WEB DESIGN for this On-Line Magazine...

Other Services Offered by CompuTrek Systems: 

  • Cost-effective E-Commerce Web Design
  • On-Site & In-Studio Top Quality Digital Photography
  • On-Site Training of Your Staff on In-House WEB SITE DESIGN
  • Upgrade your current WEB SITE with E-Commerce shopping basket technology
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