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Here are some winners for our "BEST OF" Section:

Best Ice Cream in the Midwest? 


Oberweis Dairy

( Click on the picture to go to their web site )

Best Sub in Illinois?

Web Site ---> Augustino's

Best Beef Sandwich in Illinois?

Carm's Beef

1801 S. Wolf Rd - Hillside, IL

(708) 449-0125

( Their secret is in the bottle - it is called Giardiniera )

We now have a Midwest Magazine reader's choice winner for the "BEST PIZZA RESTAURANT in the MIDWEST for The Year 2000". The contest was held on-line for the last three months. We had evaluated 5 finalists for this honor, and Connie's Pizza won!


Gino's East

Nancy's Pizza

Connie's Pizza - VOTED BEST

Giordano's Pizza

You can make additional comments here:

Just pick ONE & click here:

Although the voting is over now, we left the form active for those of you who would like to send us comments or ideas on what type of restuarant we should have in our next reader's choice pole.

Here is a picture of one of their prize winning pizzas, taken at their Naperville, Illinois restaurant...

Do you live in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio or Wisconsin?

You can e-mail your local favorite

BEST OF's Restaurant's Web Site URL

(www address) to us at:

If we get enough response, you may see it

on this MM "BEST OF" Page.

Please specify "Best Of" as your subject.

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